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Al-Salamah Medical Tourism committed to facilitating affordable, safe and quality healthcare available in India to global citizens. The facilitation process at Al-Salamah Medical Tourism India is woven around its core philosophy “your care our concern”. "Al-Salamah Medical" is a young company, eager to find right solutions. It is Strong Willed and Customer Centric and it is helping people get the Right Attention they need at the Right Price. We are one of the most chosen medical travel company where you will get more personalized care than anywhere else. It provides best quality care treatment at lowest price you have ever come across.



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Our USP lies in giving 'value' for your time and money. Since we customize every client as per his/her healthcare need, our team carries that eye for detail and provides 24*7 assistance. Ensuring a hassle-free journey and stay in the country, we have provisions for sightseeing the historical and other interesting spots in the region.

We Love What We Do

Once we receive the details regarding your medical requirements and medical details through our free registration form, the team comes into action to review the needs and treatment required.From selecting the best treatment with best doctors, we further have a provision for budget travellers as well to suit their needs. Further, we provide free 'Visa Invitation Letter' to our guests as added feature.


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Our mission, at Al-Salamah, is to create an environment where medical healthcare is not a luxury but a basic right that can be easily achieved by everyone. No one must feel discouraged from undergoing a treatment because of either a crunch of money or the unfamiliarity of a foreign land and language. We keep a dual focus on cost effectiveness and immaculate quality of every surgery and treatment that we facilitate. There is no sense of achievement as big as watching others regain their health and vitality, especially when we have a small role to play in it.

Based on the requirements of our clients, we circulate all the medical records among our team of doctors and advisers, who suggest the treatment and medical care for them. We believe in total transparency, and treat each case as unique, so as to customize the medical experience in the patient’s best interest.

We also handle the entire pre- and post-hospital arrangements, including blocking the dates of the doctor(s) and reserving seats at the hospital, to ensure that patients don’t face any unnecessary hassles and delays with post arrival arrangements.We have a team of doctors in various specialties, which are present 24/7 to take care of any medical emergencies that may arise. We arrange for Doctor Consultations, Diagnostic Services, Special OPD Clinics, Personalized Patient Care and Care Program Coordinators.

Medical Tourism is more about its outreach than the quantitative number of patients directly involved. We feel extremely gratified about the fact that people are getting more and more aware of their options outside Iraq. After all, all human struggles melt down to our wellbeing and physical vitality. Since 2011 we are proud to have touched many lives directly, and thousands more indirectly.